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"Panel: Patient-led movement is transforming medical research"
Star Tribune 12/6/2016 by Joe Carlson
"More research volunteers are getting their medical test results. Should we cheer -- or worry?"
STAT News 10/1/2016 by Kat McGowan
"People Who Avoided Illness Could Be Key in Treating Those Who Didn’t"
New York Times 4/11/2016 by Gina Kolata
"The Genetic Superheroes Resistant to Inherited Fatal Diseases"
The Economist 4/16/2016
"Community Biology Lab Opens In La Jolla Library"
KPBS 9/1/2015 by David Wagner
"Sharing Your Fitness Tracker Data? ‘Pace’ Yourself"
KQED Future of You 8/4/2015
"Iceland Completes DNA Records for Entire Nation"
Newsweek. 3/26/2015 by Hayley Richardson
"New Online Platform Allows You to Open Source Your Body"
Newsweek 3/24/2015
"Open Research, Open Data, Open Humans"
Quantified Self: Access Matters 3/25/2015
"This Website Invites You To Donate Your Body To Science Without Having To Die"
Forbes 3/27/2015
"Open Humans Aims to Be the Social Network for Science Volunteerism"
Bio-IT World 4/9/2015
I have some catching up to do here on news from this period. New babies, moving, and other fun stuff happening here.
"Yes, This Exists: A Biohacker Hotline"
Popular Science, July 27, 2013 by Matt Niederhuber.
"DIYbio: Low risk, high potential."
The Scientist. March 1, 2013. By Todd Kuiken.
"Is it safe to dump this down the drain? Ask a biosafety expert"
Boston Globe. Jan 17, 2013. Carolyn Johnson.
"Citizen Science Takes Off: Could Community Labs Hatch the Next Generation of Bio Innovators?"
Forbes. Oct 25, 2011. Adrienne Burke.
"Try this at home. Growing movement of genetic tinkerers set to usher in biotech revolution"
The Daily. Oct 24, 2011. Daniel Grushkin.
"Do-It-Yourself Biology"
The Kojo Nnamdi Show. March 22, 2011.
"Managing Scientific Inquiry in a Laboratory the Size of the Web."
NYTimes. December 28, 2010. Alex Wright.
"Turning Geek into Chic."
NYTimes. December 19, 2010 by Jed Lipinski.
"Garage biotech: Life hackers. Amateur hobbyists are creating home-brew molecular-biology labs, but can they ferment a revolution?"
Nature 467, 650-652. October 6, 2010. Heidi Ledford.
"Our Need for Genomes."
BioTech Nation. Interviewed by Moira Gunn and David Ewing Duncan. Recorded on August 2, 2010.
"Responsible Science for Do-It-Yourself Biology."
PR-Newswire, June 29, 2010.
"Taking Biological Research Out of the Laboratory."
NPR’s All Things Considered, interviewed by Guy Raz. Aired December 27, 2009.
"Kitchen biology."
EMBO reports 10, 683 - 685. July 2009. Howard Wolinsky.
"Straight talk with…Mac Cowell and Jason Bobe."
Nature Medicine 15, 230-231. March 1, 2009. Prashant Nair.
"Rise of the garage genome hackers."
New Scientist. January 7, 2009. Phil McKenna.
"Students, Scientists Build Biological Machines."
News Hour with Jim Lehrer. Aired December 30, 2008.
"Accessible Science: Hackers aim to make biology household practice."
Boston Globe. September 15, 2008. Carolyn Y. Johnson.
"Accessible Science: Hackers aim to make biology household practice."
Boston Globe. September 15, 2008. Carolyn Y. Johnson.
"The Social Entrepreneur"
San Francisco Chronicle Magazine. January 8, 2006.