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7/26-8/1 Mozilla Science Fellows Work Week | Nairobi, Kenya | Speaker
6/28-6/29 White House | Washington DC | Invited contributor
6/2-6/3 White House | Washington DC | Invited contributor
5/26 MedX NYC Pop-up | NYC | Invited speaker
5/19 Open Humans Data Dive | UCSD San Diego | Participant and co-organizer
5/18 Quantified Self Public Health | UCSD San Diego | Invited speaker
5/17 Health Data Exploration Network Meeting | UCSD San Diego CA | Invited speaker
5/12 Biology of Genomes (CSHL) | Cold Spring Harbor, NY | Invited speaker
4/26 GET Conference | Harvard Medical School Boston MA | Organizer
4/25 GET Labs | Harvard Medical School Boston MA | Organizer
4/25 GETy Awards | Harvard Medical School Boston MA | Organizer
4/7 Bio-IT World| Boston MA | Speaker
3/24-3/27 Shenzhen Assembly: Open Innovation and the Environment | Shenzhen, China | Speaker
2/25 Precision Medicine Initiative Summit | White House, Washington DC | Invited contributor
2/4-2/6 Working Open Workshop | Berlin | Invited speaker


11/17 AMIA Annual Symposium | San Francisco | Invited speaker
11/4-11/7 Mozilla Festival | London | Contributor
10/1 ONC Consumer Health Summit | Washington DC | Speaker
9/17-9/19 GET Global | CeMM Vienna, Austria | Organizer
7/8 White House Champions of Change | Washington DC | Invited contributor
6/25 PMI Workshop | Countway Library at Harvard Med | Invited contributor
3/9-3/10 White House Precision Medicine and Privacy Roundtable | Washington DC | Invited contributor
1/30 Precision Medicine Announcement | East Wing of White House, Washington DC | Invited guest


8/7 Roundtable on Patient Data Donation for Research | White House Washington DC | Invited contributor


“Ask a Biosafety Expert: User-driven advisory service for the Do-It-Yourself Biology (DIYbio) Community”. American Biological Safety Association. Kansas City, MO. October 23, 2013. (presentation)
“The Personal Genome Project and the Open Humans Ecosystem”. Citizen Science: Think Tank on Citizen Engagement in Biomedical Research. Bethesda, MD. May 23-24, 2013.
“Domestication of Human Genome Technologies”. The 15th Genomics Standards Consortium. Natcher Conference Center, NIH. Bethesda, MD. April 24, 2013.
“Standards for Reusable Genomic Resources”. Sage BioNetworks Commons Congress 2013. San Francisco CA. April 20, 2013.
“DIYbio: extraordinary biotechnologies for everyday life.” Small is the New Big: Designing Our Future at the Nanoscale, Humanscale, and Beyond. IDEAS Series | Autodesk Gallery at One Market | San Francisco, California March 27-29, 2012. (video)


“Open Consent Frameworks for Public Genomics” Keystone Symposia. Complex Traits: Genomics and Computational Approaches. Breckenridge, CO. February 20-25, 2012.


“Do It Yourself Biology” Gaite Lyrique in Paris, November 2011.
“BioWeatherMap” Presented at Design Night at the Autodesk Gallery in San Francisco. Sept 15, 2011.


“DIYbio: Origin, Activities & Scenarios for the Future.” Presented to the Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues. Philadelphia. September 14, 2010.
“BioSecurity: How synthetic biology is changing the way we look at biology and biological threats.” The Synthetic Biology Project. Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars. March 11, 2010.


“Building Bridges Around Building Genomes” Synthetic Genomics Workshop. Invited panelist. San Francisco, Aug 4-5 2009.


“Health 2.0, From Clinics to Clicks: Shifting Power Online”. Invited panelist. TieCon East, May 2008.
“Instrumenting the medical enterprise for discovery: dissolving the barriers between clinical care and research” Panel moderator. First AMIA summit on translational bioinformatics, March 2008.


“What the future holds” Invited speaker. Personalized medicine: breaking barriers and achieving results, presented by Nixon Peabody, Harvard Medical School. October 11, 2007.


“Citizen Science and Patient Communities on the Web.” Invited speaker. New Horizons in Internet Site Development, Dolan DNA Learning Center, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories, October 2006.
“Digital Health – What’s in the Future” Panelist. Moderated by Andy Kessler (author, The End of Medicine), Presented by Commonwealth Club of Silicon Valley, Computer History Museum, September 2006.